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Friday, June 24, 2016

From one extreme into another

As the political news is not very interesting (Brexit all day) we can better talk about the weather - as we so often do when getting together. Although... nowadays soccer will come in at a good second place (our Belgian team is playing 1/8 finals).

Last week, you had to wear a pullover to keep warm. And then all of a sudden, the weather turned and it became hot. Today is not so hot as yesterday, but anyway it's nice weather for a barbecue (ribs, yummie!). As soon as my sister gets home from work, we'll have the BBQ going.

At the same time, this hot weather causes heavy thunderstorms. Here in Dendermonde (East Flanders) we often escape. Older people say this is because of the nearness of the two streams, Dender and Schelde. And they are probably right, as I've often seen it rain very hard in Hamme or Grembergen (across the bridge) and then when you went over the bridge, everything was dry in Dendermonde.  The water wards off the most heavy of storms. We had some rain and some light thundering (more in the distance), that's all.

Let's hope the weather will become more stable once July starts.

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