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Thursday, June 23, 2016

Good habbits can save your life

This morning, when turning on my computer, I got the message I've a doctor's appointment tomorrow.

Now, I remember well enough when I need to be somewhere, but for all certainty I put it in my electronic diary.

I'm not often ill, but I go to see my doctor at least twice a year to have a check-up. Same with the dentist. As a result, I still have all my own teeth (and quite healthy ones) and my general health is not bad either.

It pays to have regular check-ups. Especially when you're "blessed" with a genetic tendency for high blood pressure and high sugar levels. And more especially when you have a heart that beats a bit too fast - spent a lot of time with the heart surgeon, who told me I shouldn't pay too much attention (ahum!) and must try to avoid stress. Well, I try to and the last months the heartbeat has slowed down somewhat. It is imperial though, that I keep my weight under control and see to it the levels in my blood are acceptable. Therefore I go to see my local GP who takes my blood and samples of urine and of course also checks heart, lungs, etc.

I'm 60 and hope to continue for some time more. My dad died aged 64 (!) but he never had regular check-ups. And my mother died of veins that didn't allow blood through any longer, because she kept no control of what she ate. Too much butter, too much fat meat.

My sister and I do care for all of this and we want to live as healthy as possible, without denying ourselves some fun. We can indulge in a sweet dessert, as long as it doesn't happen too much. And we try to prepare healthy dishes (also vegetarian ones) in which we have a great variety in what we eat - fish, red meat without much fat, poultry, lots of vegetables, only wholegrain bread and pasta.

In recent years, I've been losing weight and am almost back to my teenage figure. Well, it's a costly affair because I have to buy new pants and skirts all the time. But I pay gladly, because I look better when weighing less!

And what about you? Do you take regurlar check-ups?

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