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Wednesday, June 1, 2016

Middle-aged man & younger woman

Why is it that (a lot of) middle-aged man feel the need to have a younger lover? Middle-life crisis? Or just wanting a green leaf?

It's a fact though that many an older man get together with a woman who could be his daughter (or granddaughter).

Take Johnny Depp. Taken in by a gold-digger and being blind to it.

I can never believe Johnny is able to hurt a woman. I met him once, years ago when he was still together with Vanessa (now there's a woman I like, beautiful even without make-up and acting very normal and down-to-earth). They were dining in the same restaurant as we were. I suppose the owner of the restaurant gave us this table with a purpose. We had been there before several times and I guess he knew we would not disturb Johnny and Vanessa. The third - and last - table in this little room was taken by a group of Texan oil millionaires, too much into their own to realize there were other present...

This group made a rude remark to the waiter. After they left, Johnny left his table and made excuses to the waiter and to us for being subjected to their bragging. Afterwards, we talked even more, also with Vanessa. We had been able to observe them while eating, and they seemed like a great couple. They acted very normal and the conversation was normal too. So no, I don't see any violence in him and I hope Vanessa can forgive him and they can come together once more.

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