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Sunday, June 5, 2016

Lazy Sunday

Because this was the first day the weather was (slightly) better than it has been the last weeks, we quite enjoyed it and took it easy.

Which means: sleep longer, have a nice breakfast and took time to read the weekend paper, then had someone over to look at the repairs which need be done (and hopefully, he'll come and do them!), then began to prepare lunch (a nice fish dish, with leftovers from the deepfreezer), then sat outside on the terrace.

I also had my hair cut - so nice to have your own personal hairdresser (and it doesn't cost a thing!). My sister cuts my hair regurlarly now, and I must say it has never looked so good.

Later on, we are going to watch some TV and then it's off to bed because a new working week will start tomorrow.

And how was your Sunday?

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