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Tuesday, June 7, 2016

Summer holidays are coming up

Less than three weeks, and then most students (and teachers) have two long months of summer holidays. And the general holidays are mostly taken in this period as well.

So, what are your plans? Are you going on a trip - or are you afraid to travel abroad while there is still a possiblility of a terrorist attack?

I don't think it does any good to be afraid. So I definitely choose travelling. OK, when you want to spend your summer holidays abroad where do you go?

Do you head for an exotic beach?

Or rather prefer a city trip?

Personally, I'm not much for just idling along on a beach (wherever that may be) although I must confess I rather like the sun, now that I'm getting older. The reason is simple: when it's dry and warm I don't feel any pain in my bones. (Sometimes, when it's humid and it rains all the day, you could kill me when you just touch my fingers.) So we try and pick a destination in summer where nice weather is guaranteed.

This year we're heading for Italy once more, after having stayed in Marseille (France) already last month. Our destination is Venice. And later this summer, we're off to Sweden. Most of the time, the weather in Scandinavia is quite good, better than in Belgium anyway.

Please don't hesitate to share what your favorite destination is.

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