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Wednesday, June 22, 2016

How will the British decide?

Tomorrow is D-Day for Great-Britain, as the population can vote to stay inside the EU or leave it. As up to now, it's indecisive how the vote will go. It depends on region, on age-groups, on education levels.

Some think leaving the EU will be better for the UK, others argue they'll lose income when they leave.

In Europe, it is largely believed the British could better stay in. But the EU itself needs change. The system doesn't really work (well, since the EU was created, everything just got more expensive for us and even more since the Euro was in use). They should go to a more federal level, according to EU  officials.

In my opinion, not much would change if Great-Britain made its exit. Sure, some companies who deal with the UK could pay higher import rights. And products from the UK would become more expensive. On the other hand, the pound would devaluate, which would make trips to the UK less expensive...

So I'm wondering how the vote will go. What do you think?

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