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Wednesday, June 15, 2016

Genealogy research

More or less twenty years ago, I had lots of spare time and was easily bored, so I started some research into the family history. Before I knew it, I was completely immersed in genealogical research, which brought me to various parts of the country. In those days, you had to drive to each and every village or town's archive and look up data. When you were lucky, you were offered a cup of coffee (tea) and sometimes you even got a cookie!

I managed to go as far back as the 16th century for most of my ancestors at father's side. I already know that my family name is not our real one. The first Moens was a foundling - a little baby found at the steps of a church in Brussels. He got the name of the priest who found him and took him in.

At that point in my research, work became more hectic and I had no longer time to drive around the country. After a while I completely quit my research.

But now, so many years later, all the data have been digitalised and are in a databank. So I've registered and will continue my research online. A lot needs to be looked up at mother's side, and I'm going to try to get even further back than the 16th century.

Anyone else who does this kind of research?

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