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Saturday, June 11, 2016

Weekend: better than expected

We're away for a long weekend to the coast. We left yesterday around noon. The weather forecast was not too good, but we had to be at the flat to pick up some items we need for our trip to Venice (most of the summer stuff is kept there).

But it turned out better than expected. Yesterday it was quite sunny (although there was some wind). And also today, the sun broke through after a grey start of the day. There was practically no wind, so i quickly put in some washing and everything could dry outsided. I just got the last pieces in again.

Being at the coast is always nice, and always feels a bit like a holiday. It''s peaceful here and there's plenty of good air. And better still, there are many good restaurants around... We tried one yesterday evening which we hadn't visited before, and it was a nice experience.

Rain is predicted for tomorrow, but perhaps it will be better once more. Hopefully we can make something of that day as well.

And then it's back to work on Monday....

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