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Tuesday, June 14, 2016

Finding my way around the new features of Windows 10

Today was a day I could not do much (had someone over to check my heating system) so I spent some time behind my pc.

I've told before I downloaded Windows 10 on my (rather) old computer. Well, this one dates back to 2005, just as old as my TV-set. Somtimes you are lucky in the equipment you buy - I had another pc which crashed after not even a year!

This morning I got a message that Live Mail would not longer be supported, and I should switch to the mail program included in Windows 10. No problem, but the older mails don't come through. I just hope they'll remain in the old program as long as I need them. I tend to keep mails like those of reservations and confirmations for as long as they are needed. Once the trip is completed, I delete this mail. So it will take me some months before I can completely remove Live Mail from my pc.

There are many more features in this Windows 10 that I still not know - even aren't aware of. For my a computer is handy, but not more than that. It's not my means of having a life.

How do you guys get along with all the changes? I'm 60 now, so I have seen and experienced many of them...

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