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Friday, September 30, 2016

Another weekend starts

Probably not as good what concerns the weather, but who cares? As soon as my sister comes home from work, we'll head into town. The local supermarket Colruyt exists 40 years on this date, so they're going to treat their customers to a drink (champagne or juice) and some light bites to eat. Can do our shopping as well tonight as tomorrow, right?

For the rest, it'll be a quiet weekend. Chris still needs to get back into 'Zen-mode' after the busy start of the schoolyear. It's not a light task, seeing to the payment (and other administrative needs) of more than 500 people - and then you'll have to know that all the files need to be complete before the 20th of the month, or else nobody gets paid. She was about crazy and could not sleep anymore, so concerned she'd missed somebody and they wouldn't get paid.

Perhaps we can do some planning now our trip to Paris (beginning of November) won't go ahead. We wanted to go to see Le Fantôme de l'Opéra but last Sunday morning a fire broke out in the Mogador theater and now the organisation cancelled the entire run of this musical show. We'll get a refund for our tickets, and also the hotel can be cancelled without costs.  For the money saved we can probably do a short trip somewhere next year.

And for the rest, enjoy the rest, sleep somewhat longer, take more time to prepare food and perhaps bake some for the coming days. We always like to have some donuts in the freezer, or cake. Comes in handy when you don't have any bread!

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