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Saturday, January 19, 2013

10 things which make you happy

Money is not everything, says an old proverb. But according to a British study financial profit do improve the general feeling of happiness. did a survey with 2,014 adult participants and came to a to-ten list of what makes people happy:

1. Find money in the lining of an old coat (59%)
2. Winning a contest you had completely forgotten you had participated in (46%)
3. Getting an unexpected discount when you buy something (41%)
4. Saving money on enery costs (31%)
5. Finding a winning lottery ticket (28%)
6. When you check out in the supermarket, finding out the product you bought is discounted (26%)
7. Losing some pounds (18%)
8. Finding a euro or dollar on the pavement (13%)
9. Don't feel bad after a night out (5%)
10. Finding a place to sit in the train to your work (3%)

Hm... I never found money in my old coats (I always check them before they go), I never won a contest, nor do I get unexpected discounts.

Also I never won a great prize in a lottery (30 € being the highest I ever scratched). But hurray, I lost enough kilo's to get from size 46 to size 42 (or from size 18 to size 14) and I once I found a bill of 20 € on the floor of a supermarket and only last week 5 € in the railway station. And I always have a place to sit on my train (when people put their bags on a seat, I ask them to remove these). For the rest, I never go out for a whole night, so I can't feel bad!!!!

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  1. Interesting. I did find $20.00 once. And I have lost weight. The weight made me very happy. Don't ride the train.