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Friday, January 4, 2013

What bothers you most?

For a change, I thought I'd ask all of you what w-bothers you most in every day life? 

I've tried to make a list of things that really work on my nerves:

1) Kindergartners who tell their parents what to do.
2) Men who wear baseball caps.
3) People who linger too long in the corridors of the supermarket.
4) People who walk too slowly in the middle of the street, so you can't pass.
5) People who always want to be right.
6) Young girls who dress like whores and are surprised that otheres think they really are.
7) That those who do their job correctly never get any thanks for it, while others who earn the same and do less never get a blame for it.
8) Trains which don't run on time.
9) The goverment, which never pays on time but expects you to pay in 2 months's time.
10) Traffic light always turning on red when you arrive.

Like to share your list?

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