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Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Can books change your life?

WARNING: If you are a non-reader, don't continue!

If someone would ask me whether books changed my life, I'd have to say 'no'. I believe your life goes as you plan it, not because you read something.

Nevertheless, I must admit that books did have a great influence on what I became. When I was a kid, I read lots of books about Johan, De Rode Ridder (John, the red knight). The series existed both in novel form and picture series. He was the super-hero who came to the rescue of every damsel in distress. I often dreamed that Johan would be my hero too! Well, not only Johan... D'Artagnan of The Three Musketeers would also do... Or The Scarlet Pimpernel...

Later on, while I was fascinated by Eloise Mc Graw's Mara, Daughter of the Nile, I became interested in all things Egytian and for some time my greatest wish was to become an archeologist. I could envision myself digging up a lost royal tomb and make the discovery of a lifetime!

When I grew older, I began to read more and more good thrillers and by then I was also writing my own stories. And I also realized that I'd never be able to write a good thriller. I can write historical fiction, but never something like Tell No One by Harlan Coben or The Rosary Girls by Richard Montanari. Much too complicated for my sense!

Did any book have an influence on your life?


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