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Saturday, January 5, 2013

Writer's block

People who write will know the feeling - you want to write something, but it doesn't work out. You don't get one letter on the paper. You suffer from writer's block.

That's what is happening today. Usually I have lots of inspiration for my blog topics, but right now I really don't know what to write about. So I thought I could turn it into a piece about the unability to write.

How does writer's block happen? Most likely it has psychological causes, I think. I experience writer's block when I'm not feeling happy or satisfied. When my mother was quite ill I could not write for months. Right now I realize our holiday is ending and ordinary life will resume on Monday (I've felt better!).

On forums, members often ask what can be done against writer's block. Well, as far as I know, not much. Just let it pass. Because it does pass, sooner or later. Most likely I can find a good subject for tomorrow's blog. And pain also goes away. Slowly, but still. I did not write for three years when my mother was ill and later on died. Only some time after the burial I could start another novel.

A lifelong experience (I'm nearing my 57th birthday) tells me everything will come in due time. Everything passes. Good things and bad things. Writer's block. Just the same with your memory. Just try to remember something. Most of the time it won't work. Only when you stop thinking about it, it comes into mind. Inspiration goes the same way. It comes when you don't ask for it. I can be at a meeting and sometimes a wonderful idea springs into my mind, so I need to note down some keywords (luckily they have smartphones now) without anyone noticing... Mostly it doesn't happen when I'm sitting behind my computer.

Have you ever suffered writer's block?

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