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Friday, January 11, 2013


Do you also watch Revenge? I believe you can view it in the US on ABC. Here in Belgium the first series is running towards its ending and I quite like it. It tells the story of Emily Thorpe (aka Amanda) who sees her father arrested and condenmed for something he did not do and swears revenge on those who brought him down.

I don't know for you, but something like this appeals to me. Here in my country we have laws that offer more protection to those who commit crimes than to those who get hurt by it. Did you know that a convicted criminal (a murderer, for instance) has to be addressed by 'sir' or 'madam'? Another example of bad law: Kim  De Gelder, who murdered some infants and child carers + an elderly lady was able to postpone his trial for more than FOUR years. Can you believe that????

We are forbidden to have arms in our house (unless we belong to a hunting club) and if someone breaks into our house we can't do anything but give them all they want. Someone who shoots a burglar will soon be in court - so you better make sure you shoot to kill if you want to shoot anyway. A dead burglar can't contradict your words.

Lots of people share my opinion. We live in a country that applauds tax evation, protects criminals and sweeps everything under the carpet. No wonder groups like extreme right win more and more votes! Not that I'm tending in that direction, but I wish something could change for the better.

What is your opinion?

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