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Monday, January 21, 2013

Blue Monday

Some Mondays are worse than the one before. Like today...

When I woke up, everything was covered by a thick layer of snow. Which meant I had to skip reading my newspaper and begin shoving away the snow on my pavement (our laws make you responsible if anyone would have an accident on your part of the pavement) before leaving for work.

A bit of blessing: the train was on time! Now that we've been having more than a week of freezing temperatures and lots of snow, our trains run according the time tabel!!! I don't know about trains in other countries, but trains in Belgium are not known for punctuality. Just think about it: the management doesn't consider it a delay if a train is five minutes late!

Then to school. Findin that more than one pavement was not swept clean and trying not to lose my footing (although, when you have an accident on your way to school, it isn't considered sick-leave and all your expenses get paid...). When crossing the school play ground ducking away to avoid the snowballs thrown by your students (not allowed, but how can you see who threw the ball?).

Returning home to find a message from the Post Office that they won't deliver any post because of the bad weather... Crazy, eh?

Well, I got through the day. Need to urgently correct some tests from my classes, which means I still won't be able to read that newspaper.

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