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Saturday, January 12, 2013

New Year's Reception

I don't know how the custom is in the United States (or in lots of other countries), but here in Bel gium it has become a tradition for each town to have a New Year's reception for all the inhabitants.

Also this year we were invited by our mayor to attend the reception. It will take place tomorrow, and next to free beer (Malheur and Vicaris, all from local breweries) there will be warm soup and chocolate milk for the kids. There will also be entertainment, often with a philharmonic orchestra playing and artists performing.

As always, it will be the perfect occasion to meet old schoolfriends and former neighbors. You always see someone you know and can talk to.

The reception takes places on the Great Market of our town, right in the middle of the town's center. The square is surrounded by old houses and is dominated by the Town Hall, in origin a medieval building (although it was severely damaged in World War One).

The mayor will be walking around and is certain to have a talk with everyone who wants to. We know him from the old days, when we were a lot younger. We used to visit a friend of us, Greta, who held open house to lots of youths, among whom our present mayor.

The only thing we need to do is to dress warmly, as it is freezing in Belgium right now. If you don't have a warm coat, a hat and gloves, you'll certainly feel the chill get to you.

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