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Sunday, January 13, 2013


Hello there! Today I'm hosting author Michel Prince, who writes YA paranormal novels. Michel is now doing a Name Before the Masses tour with Goddess Fish Promotions, to promote her Chrysalis series.

I asked Michel why she particularly picked this genre, and this is what she answered:

I chose paranormal because I wanted the freedom of having an uncontrollable situation if that makes sense.  With paranormal you don’t have to limit yourself to reality.  Although Oscar and Ellie are human and have to live within that restraint, the angels helping them and the demons hunting them don’t have to obey any mortal rules.  They can fly, fight, teleport, shapeshift…well you get the picture.


The YA portion of my genre was not intentional, but I’m glad I fell into it.  The characters just loved sharing how they met and a simple flashback quickly turned into a full book before I even knew what happened.  Young adult brings a simplicity to the love.  The emotions are so strong and when our hormones hit…well at sixteen it’s like a tidal wave washing over us and carrying us out to sea.  And who doesn’t want to be swept away by a book?

The author will be giving away a butterfly gift basket to one randomly drawn commenter and a butterfly necklace to a second randomly drawn commenter. If you want to wine one of these prizes, don't forget to leave your comment!