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Thursday, January 31, 2013

My type of guy

Admit it, every woman has a special type of man into view... and I'm only one of the many.

Now my type of man is not the ordinary sort. I don't go for the good-looking, brushed-off types. Not the man who hold a dull job and is even duller in everyday conversation. No, what I want is a man who has experienced life (all the good and bad of it), who is intelligent, who is dangerous when necessary, who has a sense of humor. Not the marrying kind, goes without saying. But that's what I like in a guy.

I want to feel protected, although I'm not afraid to go out in the dark on my own and have already 'done in' a couple of guys. They should listen to me. When I ask politely to not bother us girls once more (I was 8 then) it's only logical I'd throw the first pesterer in the water. Poor guy, he could not swim! So I even had to dive after him and get him on the dry... And when later on I mentioned I'd do something to anyone who dared to come in the neigborhood of my bed (that was when I was living in Germany, among a bunch of young army officers. We lived in  house where we had rooms but the concierge closed the doors at 11 pm and then they came in through my open window. I allowed it as long as they went straight for the door...) it once happened I knocked a guy half unconscious (plus he had two blue eyes and some missing teeth). When of my former boyfriends taught me how to defend myself even better, without weapons.

So I fall for adventurers, types like Clive Cussler's Dirk Pitt or Ken Bru├źn's Jack Taylor. I know they will neve stay too long, but the time we share is magic!

Admit it, doesn't he look gorgeous? And what do you think of this one?

These guys have experienced life. They know the human weaknesses and understand them. They are guys you can count on if they have it for you.

What type of guy do you like?

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