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Tuesday, January 22, 2013


In recent years, our national TV (VRT) makes good programs. Especially on Sunday nights they like to bring top-notch crime series, which bring in lots of spectators and up the rankings.

The last few weeks, we all could watch Salamander, a 12-part crime series about corruption and crime in Belgium. I assume the man who wrote the script knows a lot about what's mostly hidden away...

What's the series about? One day, a small private bank is robbed. 66 of their safes are opened and from it certain documents have been stolen. The owners of those safes panick. They don't know who the culprit is, but they decide to shut up about the theft.

What they cannot predict is that police-inspector Paul Gerardi inadvertently comes accross the crime and wants to find out what happened... Doing this, he puts his job and even his life in jeopardy.

VRT can count on a topcast to perform the main roles. There is Filip Peeter (Paul Gerardi), An Miller (his wife), Violet Braeckman (Sofie, their daughter), Jo De Meyere, Koen De Bouw, Vic De Wachter, Tine Reymer, Gene Bervoets, Ann Ceurvels, Lucan Van den Eyde, Mike Verdrengh, Koen Van Impe and Warre Borgmans. All actors and actresses who have shown they are the best in their profession.

Violet Braeckman, who plays Gerardi's daughter in the series, is actually in one of my classes. She goes to school in St. Gertrudis College in Wetteren (a village about 15 km from my home town) and she's in the 5th from Latin-Greek there. I teach English in that class.

Violet is a good student but in my opinion a bit shy. She certainly doesn't like to boast about her acting performances in the school room. But I think she does great and she will certainly have a future as actress.

NOTE from Nickie: By now, several months later, Salamander was also shown on BBC2, getting over 1 million viewers. The series has been sold to over 50 countries, including Germany and France, and it will also be running on Netflix.

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