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Monday, January 7, 2013

If you won the lottery...

... what would you do?

Suppose you've filled in a ticket for Euromillions - and you win some 100 million Euro (would be 1300 million in dollar). What would you do with that kind of money?

It's so lovely to dream. I suppose everyone does it. Why? Because dreams keep you alive and going. If you don't have a dream left, you're as good as dead.

I must admit I sometimes dream of winning the lottery. Not that kind of big money, mind, but a nice tidy sum which would help out. I live in a house which is nearly 100 years old, and constantly something needs to be done in it. Only tomorrow my dad's cousin is going to saw off the old trees in my garden and completely create a new one. Will cost some, even when it's for family. And there is so much elso I want to have done in the house, like redoing the attic room and have new flooring in the living room. Now projects for which I need to save up first, but with some lottery money I could do all of it at once.

What else would I love to do? Well, make some nice trips (not we don't do this often, but still) perhaps a bit further away. I'd love to go to Australia and New Zealand once. It's the only part of the world I haven't been to, as it is so far away from us (24 hours in a plane...) I would like to make the long trip on a cargo ship, which would be more slowly and better to overcome those time zones. But then you need time - and money.

What would you do with some lottery money? Go to a tropical island and spend some weeks there in all luxury? Buy that flashy new car? Have a new fitted kitchen? Give everything to your children?

Please leave a comment and share what you would do!

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