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Thursday, January 24, 2013

Adopting children

For more than 10 years already, VRT runs a soap from Monday to Friday, named 'Thuis" (= at home). They are not afraid to tackle different questions too. So they already had a lesbian couple (Ann and Sandrine at first, now Ann and Mayra) and a homosexual couple (Franky jr. and Thibo); they dealt with murder and rape (more than once); with difficult relationships; with hit-and-run accidents in which Simone (one of the main characters) is severly wounded and need sto learn how to walk again.

A recent development is that Peggy (the daughter of Rosa, another main character) and her boyfriend Peter want to adopt a child. Peggy can't have children anymore because she had cancer once. The recent episodes deal with the problems such couples face. They need to go through all kinds of tests to show they are good parents - which results in a 'no' for Peter and Peggy because the psychologist thinks Peter is still not over Femke (his former girlfriend).

Now I think this is not right. I can agree they want to make sure that adopted kids come to a decent family, but who can play judge and jury?

When you get pregnant without any problems, nobody asks you if you are going to be a good parent. Lots of children grow up in a broken family, suffer abuse. Only when it becomes too much, the authorities will do something. But these parents never had to show in the beginning they were going to be good parents...

Years ago, when I was only in my early thirties, I also felt the longing for a child and adoption seemed like a good idea to me. But because I was single I could not get a baby. I argued that the child would grow up in a loving environment, as also my sister was living with me, and even my mother at that time. Enough people around to see to the needs of a little one!

Now the laws have changed, but I still won't be able to adopt a little child: I'm too old now! I can adopt an adult person, but that not what I would like.  I think I could offer a kid a valuable education and I still feel young enough at heart, as I still love my teaching job.

The world is not always fair to people, that's my idea!

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