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Sunday, February 7, 2016

Alaaf, alaaf!

For all those who love carnival, today is one of the highlights. Everywhere in Belgium - Aalst being the most important town (and the most crazy) - groups are getting ready for the big parade. Guess ISIS will be THE topic of the day...

Not only in Belgium, Holland and Germany festivities will take place. Also in Rio de Janeiro carnival is big, as in Venice and New Orleans.

Carnival has its followers, and those who dislike it. Personally, I think it's foolish and out of time. What fun is there wearing a stupid costume and do nothing but drink for three whole days?

I can understand where the tradition comes from. It dates backt to the Middle Ages, when carnival preceded the long fasting before Easter. The last chance to make fun - especially after a year of working hard on the land or at sea. People in those days had nothing else for divertisement. But now?

I'd rather go for a walk (at least when it's not raining) and have dinner somewhere in a cosy restaurant.

What about you?

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