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Monday, February 22, 2016


David Cameron got what he wanted: an okay from Europe to push through his propositions concerning Great-Britain. He wants to stay in the European Union, however, now he has got what he wanted.

The question is: do his people want the same? The mayor of London, obviously doesn't. He wants out of the Union. So do more ministers in Cameron's government.

When the Brits would want to leave the Union, it also opens possiblilities for the Scots. Because they want to remain in the Union. Should there come a Brexit, the Scots have the right to vote for independence once more...

Well, for us Europeans there won't be a lot of chance if Britain wasn't part of Europe anymore - for starters, they have never felt they WERE European. They always talk about the rest of Europe as 'the Continent' and are quite chauvinistic. Normally, when you belong to a state in the EU, you have the same rights anywhere.  But not in Great-Britain! For example, you can't get a card for Marks & Spencer or Boots if you don't live in GB, can't compete in competitions and so on.

So where's the difference???

I wonder how the population is going to vote in June. What do you think?

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