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Thursday, February 11, 2016

Problems with Windows 10

The last few days, my sister has the urge to kick her pc out of the house. The reason? It isn't working properly anymore (and it's only a couple of months old). She can't get into her mail, she can't go into the system requirements, most of the  time it says she has no connection with internet...

She has a Surface 3 with Windows 10 on it.

My grandma used to say that everything for free was not to be trusted. I suppose she was right.

I have two pc's which are quite old (one is over 10 years old and the other already 6) but still work fine. They run on Windows 7, which I think is quite good a program. I should like to buy a new computer, but I'm not willing to try out that Windows 10. Hopefully Microsoft (or any other company) can come up with a laptop/hybrid model that has touchscreen but works better than what Windows 10 does now.

Are there any other who also have problems with Windows 10? If so, how are they dealing with it?

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