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Friday, February 12, 2016

The car is growing less popular

During the last 10 years, cars have gradually been losing terrain when going to and from your work. Public transport wins more and more users.

The plus? Well, for starters, our government pays back the money you pay for your train-tram-bus tickets or cards. When I pay for instance 95€ a month to travel to and from Sint-Niklaas, I get back this money a month or so later. You only have to save up the tickets and the proof of your payment.

My sister and I have for long given up on the car. Better still, we don't own one anymore. The last car was sold 6 years ago, the other one already 15 years ago. When we were younger, we both had a car because we worked at places that were not easy to reach by public transport. But later on, we could work closer to home and then the need grew less. First I sold my car to one of my ex-students. One car was enough for what we needed (which was driving to the coast and doing shopping). But as the years passed by, my sister grew more and more nervous when watching what other drivers did. So we decided to sell that car as well and only use the train to go to the seaside. You can read a book and it's very relaxing.

Can you miss your car???

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