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Saturday, February 20, 2016

Board games on the rise

Young peope today don't want to hang out in a pub or nightclub all the time any longer. No, they'd rather stay at home with some friends ... and play a board game, llike Monopoly or Colonists of Catan.

They've discovered it makes just as much fun and has the advantage they can drink a pint (or two) because most of them live nearby and don't have to take a car.

When I was a kid, we used to play games with the entire family on Sunday afternoons. We played with 10, 12 people, all around a big table with grandma and grandpa at the head. And there were treats of course, like hot chocolate for the kids and beer or wine for the adults. Plus some sweets, like pancakes and waffles. This made Sunday afternoon the best day of the week!

Do you still play board games? Now there's only my sister and I, we don't play board games any more (only two makes no fun), but we do some online games together.

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