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Friday, February 26, 2016

Feeling good about myself

I'm quite happy today. FINALLY I'm writing the epilogue to a manuscript which has been lying about for a couple of years.

I guess it was 2012 when I wrote the first chapters of what should become my latest novel, working title The Black Coach. And then something came up (I don't remember what) which made me forget about writing.

Each time I began my re-writes, something came up once more. But now - at last - I was able to finish the last chapters and this morning I began with the epilogue. The novel should be complete by Monday.

For me being able to write, conditions have to be perfect. Meaning, I can't be bothered with anything that can distract me. So, for instance, when my sister is around I can get no writing done. I prefer to be alone in the house with only my radio playing in the background. Then my imagination roams freely and words appear on the screen of my pc.

So I guess I'll have a good weekend, with a sense of completion.

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