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Thursday, February 18, 2016

Should heavy smokers be denied medical care?

Today, there's a big dispute going on between RIZIV (the organisation which pays back medical costs) and the minister of Health, Maggie De Block.

RIZIV claims that the medcation and care for a certain type of illness, caused by smoking, cannot be paid back to the patient if he or she can't prove they have not smoked for some time.

The minister says this cannot be, that it is not alway so that smoking causes this illness.

Now you must know this minister is way overweight. I suppose she's afraid when this would go through, there would also come measures against operations to reduce the stomach (by which you can grew thinner)....

Of course, lots of people will agree with RIZIV. There is a certain feeling among the population that those illnessses which you have brought on by your style of living, cannot become a burden for the whole community.

No problem for me, if they wouldn't pay back those operations. I try to live as healthy as I can. I don't smoke, don't use too much alcohol, walk a lot and keep an eye on my cholesterol and the sugar in my blood. I don't think I'd be refused treatment when I would become ill.

What is your take on this?

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