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Friday, February 5, 2016

Well-earned start of the holidays

Today was the last day at work. As of now we are on holiday for a week! And I feel it's well-deserved, for I went working a full day when feeling not too well. Yesterday I had to stay home because I simply had no voice.

Often I suffer from infection of the aereal passages. Bronchitis, bad colds, just you name it. This time it's a bad one once more. Normally I never have to call in sick, but yesterday my sister had to make the call. I stayed in bed for most of the time and took my medicine. So this morning I felt good enough to board the train and begin working the first hour of school. Luckily it was not a very heavy day, as I had some free periods between lessons. And my student were very thoughtful when they noticed I was not all that well. Kids can be sweet sometimes!

We're going to enjoy this week of doing nothing. Well, we'll see how the weather goes. When it's dry we can go walking or perhaps do a cycle tour. But when it rains we have to find amusement indoors.

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