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Monday, February 1, 2016

Mechanical fraude

Today's big topic is a crying Femke Van den Driessche. The 19-year-old female cyclist has been caught on 'mechanical fraude' during the World Championship cyclo-cross last weekend in Zolder, Belgium.

We all know for a long time that cycling is a sport under discussion. Lots of cyclist have been using doping to better their results. Some took cocaine, others did blood-doping. Some lost their titles and never cycled again.

But now there is another way to false the result of a contest. Apparently, you can fix bikes with a little motor - which then will help you to get up a mountain, or be faster than the rest.

It is claimed that Fabian Cancellara won the Ronde Van Vlaanderen in 2010 this way (he sprinted away from Tom Boonen on a hill), but now Femke Van den Driessche has been caught using such a bike. The fraude was discovered because the electrical wires stuck out of the frame...

This morning, Femke is is every newspaper and in the tv-new, crying her heart out and claiming 'she's innocent'. Hard to believe you're so stupid.

The UCI was trying out new equipment this weekend. They will be hard on those who don't respect the rules. Penalties willl be high. And worse, the Italian company which produced the bike used by Femke is threatening to sue her, because she has besmirched the reputation of their company.

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