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Wednesday, February 17, 2016

So much going on...

Normally, I don't have any problem to find a subject for my blog. But right now, there is so much actuality that I hardly know what to say.

First thing: the police forces found a tape in which the house of the top man of nuclear energy was being watched. This tape was found after house searches during the terrorist threats for some time ago. Did the terrorists want to blow up one of the nuclear plants?

Another thing: refugees are bad for tourism. At the coast, one hostel where fugitives from Iraq and Iran where being housed needs to be cleared because it is needed to house tourists when the season starts. And in Zeebrugge (harbour, part of Bruges) the mayor has his policeforce pick all the fugitives who have not filed an aplication for asylum. He doesn't want a second tent-camp like in Calais.

Next, a big enquiry along the population of Belgium proves that most of the Belgians want to change the laws on inheritance. Our system is quite an old one, and the laws date back to the time of Napoleon. Here it goes as follows: when two people are married and one of the partners dies, 50% of the inheritance (money or real estate) goes to the widow/widower, the other 50% to be shared by the children. When the last partner dies, the children will get the following share: one child gets 50%, two children each get 1/3, three children each get 1/4, ...  The laws don't allow parents to disinherit their children. But what about a son or daughter who has never been in contact? Or a child who is addicted to drugs? Many people would like to see this law changed and adapted to the current living circumstances.

Finally, my mind is set on writing now. I've finally found the time to complete the novel on which I have been working for 3 or 4 years off and on. I'm at the last but one chapter, hurrah!

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