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Monday, February 15, 2016

If there's one place where I'd like to live...

... then it would be London, without doubt!

Every day, I get messages in my mailbox concerning concerts and other venues. Too much to pay attention to, in fact. So much is happening in London during a year. If I had money enough, I'd be there at least once a month, to attend a concert or see a play. Now I can only go a couple of times.

Strange enough, it's easier to get tickets for an event in London than one in Antwerp, Ghent or Brussels! If you want to see a ballet, or a muscial, you hardly find seats in the first 6 rows. In London, that is no problem - especially if you want to pay for it. The problem here in Belgium is that some organisations buy up most tickets and then sell them on to their members. If you are a private person, you have to be very, very lucky.

So, not surprisingly, we often head to Great-Britain if we want to see a show. This year, we'll be seeing Sunset Boulevard (the re-run at ENO), with Glen Close returning to the London stage to play Norma Desmond. That will be quite an event, and better still, we managed to have a suite at the Hilton for free (saved enough points)!

Later on, in summer, Ramin Karimloo will be giving a One Night Only concert at the London Palladium. Also for this performance we have tickets secured.

Yeah, if ever I win a Lotto, I sure buy a place in London - where I'd probably spent more than half of the year!

What about you?

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