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Saturday, February 13, 2016

Be my Valentine?

Everywhere you go, everything you see & hear is about Valentine these days. Tomorrow is THE day...

Good for those who have someone they love, but what when you are not such a romantic, or you don't have a sweetheart?

The merchandising around Valentine is a bit over the top, just like any other festivity (Easter, Halloween, Christmas). It has become big business, that's for sure. At the coast, most hotels and restaurants cater a weekend around Valentine. In the shops you find all sorts of decorations. The chefs in cooking programs on TV tell you how to prepare the love-fish (skrei)... Need I go on?

No, Valentine is not for me. I only have my sister (whom I love) but I'm not going to buy roses for her - nor would she do that for me. Never having married both of us we never got any presents for Valentine. Oh well, I once got a card from a penfriend, and once my sis got flowers from someone who had a crush on her.

For those who celebrate the day: Happy Valentine!

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