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Friday, August 21, 2015

Anglo-Saxon humor

On the possiblitily of stepping on some toes, I must say I don't like American-style humor. Once I was attending an American play, and when the entire theatre sat there laughing, I was wondering what they laughed about - it was not funny to me!

But I can laugh at British-style humor. I just love films like they only can make - 'Saving Grace', or "Waking Ned Devine", or '"Calendar Girls", or "The Full Monty", just name them.

Only yesterday evening we were watching "Waking Ned Devine", a film we programmed last year and had not watched yet. Hooters! What I especially liked was that the movie was entirely filmed on the Isle of Man, which we visited two summers ago. We've been to the place where Ned's little cottage stands.

And what about "Saving Grace", where a widow who's left penniless by the death of her husband, gets the idea of growing marihuana, because she has green fingers??? Well, of course she doesn't know at first it's marihuana - but the plants grow nicely...

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