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Monday, August 31, 2015

Back to school

Today the summer vacation officially ended with a bang (and you can take that literally - a heavy thunderstorm raged over Flanders). Tomorrow it will be going to school again for thousands of kids and teachers alike.

Shops remain open longer to sell all the stuff kids need for school, like pens and paper, notebooks, ... Btw, here it is still a tradition to put a neat paper around any book you borrow or buy for school. Do you also do that anywhere else?

Tears will flow. Little one who are going to school for the first time ever will find it hard to leave their mum or dad - and also the parents will wipe away some tears!

Some will love to go back, others will hate it. But the first day will only be about getting to know what and who. On the other hand, at the school offices people - like my sister - have been at work for more than a week yet, taking care that there are rosters to be followed, classes to be assigned, personnel to be paid. The first month is always a busy one for the school officials.

There will be traffic jams once more - especially when it's raining. But hopefully it won't tomorow morning.

A happy start everyone!

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