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Wednesday, January 20, 2016

An old house: always trouble!

Having a house of nearly 100 years old can be fun. It has charm and character - but it also needs of lot of loving care!

Ever since I bought the house in 1982, I have been saving up to make renovations. At first, all the wooden doors and windows needed to be replaced, as the originals were still in place. Then I needed to have a new roof. After that, some necessary work to the bathroom. Afterwards, we found that our living-room floor was sinking away because of a flooding in the 1950's. The wooden beams had rotted. Having the old wooden floor out and a new one in was something not easily done. Because there is a cellar under the living-room floor. It's not very deep (you can't stand up in it) but this made laying a floor either very expensive or very innovative. After months of looking out, I found a company which had the means of fixing steel beams into the existing cellar walls. Then they covered these with a form of scales in clay, on which the tiles of the floor could be placed. It's very strong and since we have had no more problems.

Eveything in the house is out of normal size, which makes it more difficult to do something. Right now I'm looking for someone to do some 'little' chores. They included climbing up the roof (and it's a steep one!) and fixing one of the chimneys, because water is getting through one or other crack. I also need a solution for my drain, which doesn't dispose of the water anymore. This is because the houses on either side have done work to their roofs too, and the drains aren't leveled anymore.

I've been asking around, but the only guys I've had into the house were clearly out on my money (they dared to charge me for just looking at the problems) and I don't want such people working for me. Yes, I know, when you are in the teaching profession you're considered 'difficult'. But is is too much to ask for good work. I want to pay for it, as long as it's done properly!

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