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Thursday, January 28, 2016

Brussels: a hell-hole?

Yesterday, Donald Trump said in one of his speeches that Brussels can be considered 'a hell-hole'. I doubt that everyone agrees...

Now, for starters, I don't have a high opinion of Trump. Not after he ignored a red stop light in Aspen (years ago) and nearly ran us over. You should have seen the stupid look on the guy's face when my sister put up  her finger to signal the red light!

The inhabitants of our capital are already posting images of Brussels à volonté. And indeed, Brussels in an interesting town. Not worse than New York or London. It has criminals, but those they have in every big city.

As long as there is no terrorist threat, tourists can see a lot in Brussels. The Great Market, for starters, lots of musea, ... There are good restaurants, great shops at the Rue Louise.

Personally, I rarely go to Brussels, but that is because of my grandmother. When I was a kid, you needed to go shopping in a big city because there was nothing to be had in Dendermonde. And as grandma was born in Antwerp, there was only one city for her!

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