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Friday, January 15, 2016

Sticking to the rules can save your life

Once more, several skiers were killed in France because of an avalanche. The problem is, they were skiing outside the marked slopes...

I've been skiing all of my life, but I never went outside the marked slopes. They are marked for a reason. When you keep to these, the danger is minimal. Of course, something can always happen, but then you're sure someone will be in the neigborhood to call the emergency services.

But some skiers don't see the danger. They want to come down a black slope, even when it's considered dangerous and unsafe. And for some of them it will be ok, while others are caught in an avalanche.

This incident was with a group of students. Their teacher has been arrested, and rightly so. If you are responsible for young people, you should not neglect the rules!

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