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Sunday, January 17, 2016

I want to see the world

In Belgium, there is a singer-songwriter named Johan Vernimmen, who made a song titled 'I want to see the world'.

The text goes like this:
'I want... I want... I want to see the sun go down in Cuzco, dance the tango in Buenos Aires, sing the blues from here to New Orleans, I want to hear the fado from Rodriguez and the bouzouki of Dalares, or hear Piazzola's arcordeon when evening comes, ...." 

And so it contiues. A beautiful song of longing for far-away places, while the singer is happy to be on a rainy terrace in Flanders.

Nevertheless, my sister and I have been to many places mentioned in the song. We saw the sun go down in Cuzco and saw the ruins of Machu Pichu, we were at the banks of the Saint-Laurent, we heard the bouzouki ... and most likely next year we'll go to Buenos Aires and dance the tango.

There was an article in the newspaper this weeked about Buenos Aires and so we went googling for information. The trip isn't too expensive (airfare amounts to about 2800€ for two passengers, and a good hotel would cost about 1300 € for a week).

Not being married and not having kids has its advantages. Who do we need to save for? Not for Father State - they already take enough from us! We try to get as much from life as we can. The trips for this year are already booked. And now we're planning for 2017. Two trips are already more or less decided; the one to Buenos Aires and another to the Azores. With one or other city trip close-by added later on.

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