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Monday, January 18, 2016

Don't we want to win the Eurovision Songcontest?

Yesterday evening, the viewers of Een (One) TV chose their favorite to represent Belgium at the Eurovision Songcontest. As always, they failed to pick that candidate with potential.

Which raises the question: don't we want to win? Probably not, because Een is a state company and has to cut down on expenses. And we all know a Eurovison Contest would cost a lot of money to the country which has to organize it. When Sandra Kim won in the 1980's, RTBF (French-speaking branch) had to pay debts for years to come.

So Flanders always organizes a show (draws viewers, and ratings are important!) in which a couple of candidates are presented. Sometimes they have to sing a song choses for them, sometimes they can work with their own number.

But Flanders has never had a worthy candidate. Tom Dice did best in all our history (he ended at the 6th place with Me and My Guitar). We never had a winner like Sandra Kim (J'aime la vie) - while many good singers and band already competed.

Afterwards, you'll always notice that the one who ended second or third in the local competition scored a big hit. So why not send that number & artist?

This time, same mistake. They all went for Laura Tesoro, with a song by Selah Sue. Nothing worthwile (you can't understand what she says, just like Selah Sue herself). I don't thing she'll pass the semi-finals. On the other hand, the runner-up has a great song. An up-to-date number which has echoes of Bastille and Lost Frequensies. A melody that is catching and will surely become a hit.

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