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Tuesday, January 5, 2016

Taking selfies can be risky

For some time already, old rock legend Alice Cooper has been pretty active on Facebook. He always posts the most peculiar things... Yesterday, it was about people who took a selfie just before they met their death.

Apparently, taking selfies makes you less careful and when you don't watch out you may come to an end - literally.

Call me old-fashioned, but personally I don't know what fun there is in taking a selfie. If you want your picture taken, just ask someone. People always are helpful enough. I'd rather take pics of beautiful sights or buildings I'm seeing or visiting. Occasionally my sister takes a pic of me (or I one of her) - which we mostly do to use on our timeline. We have pictures of all our family members and of ourselves at all ages. New pics are needed to continue and compare. It struck me, not so long ago, how much older my grandma and mother looked at my age. They were getting old, while I still find my face is youthful (and my figure is WAYS better than that of the two mentioned).

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