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Saturday, January 30, 2016

Obesitas with cats

Apparently, not only humans suffers from obesitas. Also cats can suffer from it!

Belgium is a 'cat' land, with over 2 millions of them pussies walking around. But today the cats got bad news: there is no more need for Catisfactions or other party snacks, a diet of 85gr of cat food is enough.

Professor Myriam Hesta, of the University of Ghent, says that a healthy cat should weigh about 3-4 kilo. Don't feed them milk or chocolate, it is unhealthy for them. It is not important which cat food you buy (let the cat decide) but it's important you don't give it more than 85 gr per day.

Something you should know: when a cat is presented with new food, she always eats more of it. Then, after a while, she begins to eat less. So the boss thinks she doesn't like the food anymore, and buys a new one, of which the cat eat more again. And after a while you have a cat which is overweight...

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