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Tuesday, January 26, 2016

Do we have to minimalise everything fugitives do?

Every day now you hear something in the news concerning fugitives. Most of the European countries are flooded with asylum seekers - of which most are just economical fugitives. As long as our outer borders are not completely secured, the stream of fugitives will not stop.

Unfortunately, not all of those who are staying here don't know how treat modern life. Lots of complaints come about men harrassing women in swimming-pools, shoplifting cigarettes and other things in shops, even raping women. Not only in Germany, but anywhere where fugitives are.

No wonder some people will considere these fugitives a threat. And what's worse, everyone who makes a complaint about them, is considered a Nazi. Is it so wrong to tell someone what he/she is doing is not correct?

If this attitude doesn't change, more and more people here will turn in truth to extreme right. Do they really want to put eveyone on transport towards the camps where they'll be 'sprayed'???

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