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Monday, January 4, 2016

Who believes in fortune-tellers?

If you do, you're in for a very bad year! Especially if you live in Europe or in the United States of America...

The  blind Bulgarian fortune-teller Baba Vanga has died in 1996,  but millions of people worldwide believe in what she prophecied  and claim that 85% of her prophecies have come true.

According to these believers, Baba foretold 9/11 by saying that "two steel birds would attack America". She also predicted the tsunami in Indonesia (2004) and said that the 44th president of the United States "would be a dark man".

Just before she died she predicted that Europe would be attacked by a big force of Muslim extremists (did she mean ISIS?), after which the entire continent would cease to exist. This would lead to a new caliphate of which Rome would be the center.

She also predicts the warming of the Earth and the melting of the ice poles. AND she claims that the 44th president (Obama) will be the last ever...

Source: The Mirror

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