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Thursday, January 7, 2016

Looks like we're getting some winter after all

Just listened to the weather forecast... The weather guy says it's going to dry out this afternoon (it has been raining, and rather fiercely) and by tonight there could even be some light frost. We'll wake up to temperatures of 2-3 degrees Celsius.  By the middle of this month, we could be in for some freezing.

Luckily they don't predict snow yet. I love snow, but not here in my town. I enjoy walking through snow in places where you'd expect some, like the Rockies in either the US or Canada. Or when you are visiting Moscow or St. Petersburg. But hereabouts the snow never lasts. Well, I'd lie. Once in my lifetime it remained for over 3 weeks and it was extremely cold then. Guess that was somewhere in the lower 1980's. I remember I wore my mum's fur coat when going outside (she didn't want to), with underneath two or three warm pullovers and isolating leggings under my jeans.

Normally, though, when snow falls, it falls on roads and pavements that have been sprayed with salt. So it immediately becomes a kind of slush in which you don't like to walk because it ruins your shoes.

How's the weather where you guys live?

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