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Saturday, January 9, 2016

Judge with a sense of humor

Here in Dendermonde (Belgium) - my home town - we have a well-known judge. His name is Peter D'Hondt and he deals mainly with traffic violations. He often makes the newspapers because he's rather severe - more severe than many a judge in the country.

But as of now we also know he has a sense of humor! Yesterday, he dealt with the cause of a student who was plucked off the highway driving more than 200 km/hour with his car (at a place where you can't drive faster than 120 km/h).

As he appeared before the judge, Peter D'Hondt asked him which studies he took. When he heard the answer was 'law' he asked him if he had already done criminal law. The student answered 'yes'. So Peter asked him if he knew which punishment he'd get?

The student didn't know the answer - but he certainly will when he does his exams later on this month. The correct answer is: 6,000 € penalty (with interests) and 4 years forbidden to drive a car. He can only return to the roads after taking all the tests once  more, afterwards.

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