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Wednesday, January 27, 2016

Time for spaghetti - own recipe

Just come home from shopping. Had a cup of coffee and right now it's time we prepare our spaghetti sauce. Yes, we make it ourselves. We don't just open a can and throw it with the pasta.

For our own sauce we use some  onions (3 or 4) which we chop fine, 2 red bellpeppers (also in cubes), 250 gr of mushroom (type Parisian), a bottle of passata, ground meat (we take about 350 gr) and some red wine. And spices, of course!

You start by frying the onion and bellpeppers, then add the passata sauce and the cut mushrooms, flavor with spices and add some wine. Finally you add the ground meat. Let the sauce on a low fire for some time. It's always better when you prepare it in advance, while it will taste so much the better.

The last thing you have to do is boil your pasta - and serve!

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