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Sunday, January 24, 2016

Snow storm in the USA

It was really something to see, all that snow coming down! Here in Flanders, we can't imagine what it would be to have so much snow, up to one meter high!

Guess the entire country would panic. Nothing at all would be working. Even when there is only a little snow, our trains don't ride (they can't clear the rails!) and planes are kept on the ground. Imagine what it would be like with that one meter of snow - every day life would be cancelled. They don't have snow ploughs here, and only some people have snow shovels (we have one). The worst thing that happens here it that is is freezing and you have to throw some salt on the pavement. For that we're equipped. We all get a sack of road salt from our local government and we can use it when necessary.

So, how are you guys in the US coping?

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