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Saturday, January 23, 2016

What would you do with more than 100 million?

First of all, I wasn't able to write a blog the previous days, due to a busy schedule and delays with trains. When I've been before a class all day, and my train can't depart immediately, I come home only wanting a meal and a shower!

Ok, now I've got time once more. Yesterday evening, there was 104 million Euro in the jackpot of EuroMillions, and there was no winner in the first rank. So next Tuesday, the amount will go up to at least 115 million, or even more.

Can you imagine winning such amount??? What would it mean to you?

Well, I wouldn't say 'no' when I was the only winner, but I'd definitely make sure I remained anonymous. Otherwise, you are a bird ready to be plumed. You'd receive beggar letters by the dozens, and very often people would call at your door and ask for money.

An advantage is that I play online. That way no newsagent can say the winning tickets was sold at his/her place.

But I would not remain in my home town. People would ask questions when you suddenly don't go working again and buy a new house or flat. So I think we could better move to Knokke,(at the seaside) where it is quite normal to be rich. There we could have a flat big enough to live in. Not extreme luxury, but cosy enough. And for the rest, we'd travel as much as we liked. The remainder of the money would go to different good causes.

Money doesn't make happy - but not unhappy either if you use it well. The only thing having money does, is assuring you nothing much can happen. You can't buy good health, but when having money you can have the best doctors.

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